Friday, 4 September 2015

Frida's Coming Up Slowly

Melbourne band Frida is proving to be the perfect end of  the week for me. Eilish Gilligan's vocals remind me of Tyla from Brisbane band Gota Cola (remember them? God I loved this band! They played a show in a church venue that used to be in Brisbane, The Healer (RIP), with Sealife Park (another great band!) and it was pretty transcendental... If you have forgotten, here is an unqualified gem from them you need to check out right now!), and 'Slowly' lurches slowly, an atmospheric groove penetrating the gloom, the backing vocals only lending gravity and timbre to the lingering menace. There is a glimmer of sunlight towards the end, but the echoing guitar line at the end feels more like a metronome, holding everything in a neverending loop. Buy the 7" (out through Wyall Style Records) here.

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