Saturday, 12 September 2015

Wild Animals Live In The Flesh World

San Francisco BDSM squallers Flesh World are playing tonight at New River Studios in what is likely to be a sell out show. Why? Because The Wild Animals In My Life is a bloody good record from a bloody good band. Trading their more hardcore and C86 beginnings for a Gothic trajectory, phasing in shoegaze washes and glowing harmonies whilst keeping everything decidedly tense and decadent. You can hear the pop constructions squirming under the terseness in 'Here In The Dark'; the punk power punching out throughout 'Shaved Head'; the post-punk melancholy swirling like acrid thoughts peaking like jagged spikes in a comedown on 'Just To Tear Me Down'. 'Strawberry Bomber' and 'Your Love Is Like A House' get the closest to all-out surly punk. The common denominator her is power. It's held in check, but ever-present. Can't get enough of this. Grab The Wild Animals In My Life here (out through Iron Lung). Head down to their show tonight - with excellent support from Good Throb, The Lowest Form and Border, it promises to be a good one.

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