Friday, 18 September 2015

Feet Teething

One of the strangest, most wonderful acts oozing out of the cracks of Brisbane is the improvisational trio FEET TEETH, a band that doesn't get anywhere near the recognition they deserve, not even in the avant-garde community. I have been trying to get something out of theirs on the label for a little while now (it will come!), but until we find a will and way, there is Teething, three live recordings the band did that you can get now here. Utilising drums, marimba, trumpet and electronics (including their ever reliable C64 reimaginings), the band tap into a free-jazz purgatory that is often presents a corporeal, cacophonous cocoon to slip inside and melt away in. It isn't restive, narcoleptic music however - there is an errant restlessness to the instrumentation here, even in the spaces between the chaos - but there is a world being created that requires complete immersion, zero outside-world intrusions. Kahl Monticone joins them on the electric guitar on 'twenty seven minutes and twenty seconds' (yes, the three extremely long jams are named after their length, which is perfect really), a natural freeform extension here. This is the kind of stuff that the outlier intelligentsia that populate the feted Cafe Oto here in London would lap up - but it goes almost unnoticed in Brisbane. Don't let this continue - get behind FEET TEETH and acts of its ilk pronto.

FEET TEETH are playing at the Bearded Lady in Brisbane in October as part of a These Guy launch.

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