Thursday, 3 September 2015

Never Bite Through The Trix

Oneohtrix Point Never has just released the first song from upcoming (and hotly anticipated) album Garden of Delete. What with the many teasers floating about, it has been hard to grasp what is in store. 'I Bite Through It' remains a real headscratcher, in the best kind of way. Starting with stuttering, sonorous synth and hold-pattern beats, it feels like Daniel Lopatin is going for the pop overdose jugular; but as the sounds mount and enter their own grooved paths, something is building. The industrial pounding moments that hit though are cathartic hiccups though - halfway through we hit a Cornelius level of contemplation, a New Age eye of the storm, before all elements meld into each other, guitar adding yet another layer, a flagrant merging of cyber tape manipulations. Preorder Garden Of Delete (out through Warp Records) here.

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