Sunday, 13 September 2015

Yves Malone Triple

Yves Malone has two distinct pleasures in life - genre film, and synthesisers. His first few releases were fake scores to non-existent B-Grade VHS films, complete with retro cover art. You can feel the fingerprints of Carpenter, Vangelis, Moroder, Carlos, Harrison, the Barrons (their score for Forbidden Planet is one of the best, hands down, then there is the story behind it - they are geniuses)... There are plenty more. Genre cinema of the 50s to the 80s was truly innovative for its adherence to electronic experimentation, and Malone continues in this trend. His latest release, Last Angeles, is a split cassette with Adderall Canyonly, and it is deliciously retro futuristc, sleek, seductive, and dark (the meltdown at the end of 'Blackest Ever Was' in particular), but it's all great. Take your pick below - you won't be disappointed. (And be quick - all cassette releases are in single digit availability, so snap up one of the last copies now!)

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