Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Charting Unknown Dagger Shores

I know next to nothing about Brooklyn trio Dagger Shores. They sent me four tracks a month ago, and their dark, damaged psych soul is mesmerising. It hinges heavily on the sumptuous tones of the organ and the moaned, whispered and yelped vocals coming imperceptibly out of the smoke and shadows. 'Deep Sleep' keeps a krautrock beat, a seductive pull that allows the amalgamation of devilish sax and maniacal noise into a heaving, ecstatic fury. There are hints of Cave here, although these guys are far more frenetic and feverish. 'Ray Brower' could be early Talking Heads if David Byrne was more interested in Cluster; 'Hive Of Love' is carnivalesque, a Tom Waits freak show without the bourbon-drenched monolith as a frontman, replaced instead with someone more subterranean. The last track is 'The Shallows', a propulsive moody maelstrom, the drumming more insistent, the sax more frantic, the whispers incoherent, the howls anarchic. I'd love to know more about these guys, because this stuff is goddamn killer.

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