Thursday, 3 September 2015

Battles Wake In Fright

Most people know I have a bit of a hard-on for Battles. I think that John Stanier is one of the best drummers around (and one of the best interviewees I've had the pleasure of talking to), while Ian Williams is from the brilliant Don Caballero. I also think that Mirrored is a pure act of musical alchemical genius. So a new album is always going to be high on my list of anticipated records of 2015. So what has me even more rabid than La Di Da Di? The fact that new single is called 'The Yabba'! Why is that important? Because The Yabba is what they call Bundanyabba, the fictional New South Wales country town in the seminal outback horror book by Kenneth Cook and subsequent seminal Ted Kotcheff film, Wake In Fright. I very much doubt this is a coincidence. And it is a Battles song, goddammit! So drop everything, listen to this ad nauseum, and preorder La Di Da Di here!

NOTE: The second track from La Di Da Di, 'FF Bada', has just dropped today! Enjoy kids!

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