Sunday, 6 September 2015

Nought Like Yonatan Gat

Back a few years ago, Paul, the guy I started Sonic Masala with, had a favourite band. That band was Monotonix. The Israeli garage rock unit were a maniacal maelstrom of sound and fury, throwing themselves figuratively and literally under the bus of the rock gods gig after gig. The underground swell of hype that built over their shows grew to the point they were looking at becoming global superstars. But as with all pent up balls of sonic light, it has to burn out, and in 2011 Monotonix called it a day.

And today we have Yonatan Gat, the frontman from that venture, having released a 10" Physical Copy beast on Joyful Noise Recordings (grab it here - it has a blood red smear on the vinyl which is pretty great looking too). It includes the seven minute instrumental fried jam that is '0'. It has received the requisite Steve Albini noise treatment, so it sounds loud and abrasive. The thing this, there is a unhinged yet meticulous approach to '0' that Albini, or any other producer at the top of their game, just cannot harness - it is in the creative DNA. Gat may be more improvisational and rhythm driven, but his confrontational sense of melody and explosive expression is still very much in evidence here.

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