Friday, 4 September 2015

Erased By Fire

Great US label Fire Talk are really stepping up over the next few months. With the imminent release of Media Jeweler's album $99 R/T Hawaii (you can read my thoughts on it here) and an incoming releases from Future Museums and Dreamcrusher (more on these soon), you think they had their bases well and truly covered. Well add to the list Stem Together, the debut release from Australian mantra psychs Erasers. Hailing from Perth, the duo produce a steady swirling rhythm on an ethereal drone dream that isn't far removed from the the more ruminative moments of Pocahaunted (ah I miss those gals!) - it's the vocals of Rebecca Orchard and the lethargic yet insistent, ritualistic motorik rhythms underpinning the organ that really sinks its transcendental teeth in. It unfurls like mystic smoke, intangible yet incorruptible.

Grab Stem Together here.


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