Friday, 4 September 2015

Placing Perfect Pressure On The Poster Boy

This came through the emails earlier this week - and it's a winner. Poster Boy is a Melbourne subterranean matinee idol who sent me his new album Pressure and Perfection based on my review for Tasmanian weirdniks All The Weathers (if you haven't checked out their great release Going For Gold, see what I thought and have a listen here). Poster Boy is all about experimental, experiential synth waves, basking in the alkaline glow of a cathode ray, gin on the rocks in one hand, cigarette in the other, lounging and leching on the black velvet couch, sunglasses on in the dark. The internal coldness of 'Paused For Thought' wanders into the warped tape warble of 'Raw Nerve'. Once 'In The Wild' hits, you realise you are caught in the dungeon of a 80s Dark Romantic nightmare, putting on the mascara and the lotion in lethargic concentric circles, marking your skin and your soul with the tracks of heavy yet figurative tears. The cavernous narcotic crawl of 'Need Some Feeling' plays both as a seductive reach and a narcotic fall, caught between erotica and unconsciousness. It's an disconcerting yet alluring listen - lather up and slide into the underworld with Poster Boy.

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