Saturday, 5 September 2015

Small Time Sunhoods

Here is something I am pretty excited about (and have been for a few months - sorry about the late post guys!). As you know, one of my favourite releases of last year (and out of the Not Not Fun oeuvre also) was Sunk by UK recluse Blackhoods. Now there isn't new Blackhoods material to get excited about (yet...) but he has joined forces with fellow tantric droner Sun Skeletons to become the slow jam Sunhoods. The duo put out a cassette, Vol 1, through Double Dot Dash. The guys call their collaboration "freewheelin’ shahi baaja meets deep ocean slow jams." Listen and watch 'Small Time' below, and I can't really make a better comment. Grab Vol 1 here - let's hope we get them down to London real soon!

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