Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Keeping The Service Industry Circus Lush

I've been playing these two tracks from New York duo Lushes incessantly this week. Their LP Service Industry (with cool cover art of a torn up menu order) comes out next month on Felte Records. 'Circus' has that cool sardonic vocal delivery that Girls Against Boys have pretty much patented, yet with a more disdainful air, and the saxophone-and-feedback drenched breakdown near the end before James Ardery mutters "We're in the circus and I just want you to know/That it's a joke" is a killer expulsion of jittery aggression. The guitarwork here is also brutal, able to swing on a metronome, take a middle distance, before launching forth in a fret-stressing explosion, all without preamble or coercion. And we all know how much I'm loving fucked-up sax in rock songs at the moment...especially when provided by Zs' Sam Hillmer. 'Low Hanging Fruit' follows a similar path, if somewhat more imposing and claustrophobic, and the chaotic drumming and siren guitar is darkly brilliant. Pre-order Service Industry here - it promises to be gargantuan.

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