Tuesday 11 October 2016

Ulrika Spacek: All The Time

I had a close friend over from Australia the other week so I missed London five-piece Ulrika Spacek make their return to their hometown. Which was a shame, because I really dig their sludgy, psych-and-no-wave-tinged monochrome growl. They aren't in the same abrasive bracket as Spectres, but there are shades of similarities in the blown-out motorik blasts and discombobulated vocals soaring above the black void. The latest offering from them is this 7" through Tough Love Records (get it here). The A Side is 'Everything: All The Time', a Kraut soarer that winds you in and spools out, the rhythms etched into your mind ad infinitum. And although I haven't linked it here, you can listen to their excellent take on VU classic 'Lady Godiva's Operation' that takes up the B Side here.

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