Tuesday, 4 October 2016

VIDEO FEATURE: Guitar Wolf T-Rex Raises Us From The Dead!

Well, we have been away for a while - and it takes black-blooded Rock n Roll to bring us back from the brink! Japanese titans Guitar Wolf are in the UK this week, playing the Dome on Friday night (supports are excellent too, from the likes of Atomic Supplex and the mighty Black Mekon! grab tickets here) to force us all to bow down to new album T-Rex From A Tiny Space Yojouhan. The title track shares a video as bracingly raw, the trio crowded into a purple room that shrinks and expands but never stifles - Guitar Wolf know no bounds! They outlived the dinosaur, they will out live Trump, they will live forever! It's very rare to find a band that is extreme in visceral noise, garage swagger and frantic fun - do yourself a favour and see them on Friday

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