Tuesday 11 October 2016

A Static Shock Of Anxiety

One of the best festivals to hit London this year comes on the first weekend of November - that is, Static Shock Weekender, three days/nights of punk and hardcore nihilism that promises to annihilate my senses and render me useless for the rest of 2016. I am looking forward to so many acts - Iron Lung, Diat, Warthog, TV Crime, No Form, Sievehead, Arms Race, Sauna Youth, Bad Breeding, Sarcasm...and then there is Anxiety, the Glasgow miscreants who put out one of the best hardcore dirges of 2016. The four-piece are able to craft slabs of discordant mess that bludgeons from a surreal left field. They have been compared to Butthole Surfers (with an obviously more anarchic aural bent) but with their shades of unhinged Catalan hardcore and straight-edge sewer spray, all condensed into an oppressive vacuum, there isn't a band really like them. Watching them brings a smile to the lips, that tremors and falters as the caterwaul continues its relentless effrontery - Anxiety emanates from their every pore. You can pick up Anxiety here - get tickets for Static Shock Weekend IV here while you still can!

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