Thursday 26 September 2013

Sneezing Won't Kill You...Maybe

Boston, you continue to slay me. The "new" band to smash one into the bleachers - Sneeze. Well, their I'm Going To Kill Myself album(out through Midnight Werewolf Records, who also have the rad Kal Marks on their roster) has been around for over a year, but I came across their demo tape that they are taking on tour with them Stateside this month, tracks that will (hopefully) make it onto another LP slated for recording in November - and once again its loud, dissonant indie snot howls, echoing back to the future, the 90s afresh. Only one track breaches the three minute mark (which stands for their album too). It verges on grungy punk, is flagged by reams of flannelette and bile, it's dumb, it rocks.  They have a drawing of a Mogwai on their Facebook page. Seriously ticking all the boxes, guys.

If you are in Allston Massachusetts next Tuesday (October 1), you really should head to O'Brien's Pub to see Sneeze unload alongside Psychic Blood, Yuppies (both of which I will be posting about shortly) and Luau. You can pick up one of these bad boys while you're there...if any are left that is.

And here is the LP (which you can buy here)...

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