Monday, 30 September 2013

Contemplating Bernays' Propaganda

Bernays Propaganda is the reason the Internet was invented.

Seriously, how else would I have fallen in with Zabraneta Planeta, the third record from the Macedonian rock band? The band's moniker comes from the Austrian pioneer of propaganda and crowd control (and nephew of Sigmund Freud), Edward Bernays - already pretty rad. The entire album is sung in Macedonian (I think?), but the angular monstrosities on offer, combining with the honeyed timbre of Kristina Gorovska's spiked vocals, makes the language barrier irrelevant. Brutal, brittle post punk anxieties blasted out with political fervour. I saw some awesome bands in the former Yugoslav region when I travelled around there in 2009 (more on that soon), but I didn't discover these guys - the interweb gods have made amends. Grab it on vinyl here for ten Euros.

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  1. Saw them open for Gang of Four in Skopje, 2008. Super intense, clean tight sound.