Monday 23 September 2013

Like A Moth To A Flame, Over And Again

I spoke about Mourning Glow, the great little EP from San Francisco's Wild Moth, not that long ago. They have since released this excellent LP Over Again on Asian Man Records - Jesus it's good. Strong, pummelling, warm yet raucous tones, frenetic atmosphere that wavers between the type of repetitive punk rock of Double Dagger but dipped in the waters of Iceage, then thrown into the Delorean and flung back into the backwaters of 1995... Over Again is a relentless mashing of all my buttons. The best thing is that it is an assured collection of songs - there are no noodling vignettes, no misplaced sense of gnashing of teeth. It encapsulates a certain place in time, sure, but it also feels authentic, acid-tinged bile tempered by knowledge and experience, then played with. Wild Moth aren't necessarily an angry band, then (although 'Blossom' certain sounds furious), but one that uses dissonance just for kicks as well as for kicking the pricks.

You can pick up Over Again here - it's a great album that deserves attention when December comes around, seriously electric.

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