Saturday 21 September 2013

Ain't No Magic To Dating Dolfinz

I feel a real affinity with the dudes over at Sheffield's Tie Dye Tapes - the thrashy charm that the label's releases have buried within them could light up the electricity grid of many a podunk backwater town. Slowcoaches, Fawn Spots, Bos Angeles, Thee Ludds - all SM faves. The latest EP to take me in and dance me around crazily while necking from a bottle of cheap red is Dolfinz's Pagan Dating. Seven tracks of speaker-cone blasted slacker idiocy and malaise (with a whacked-out beach fade out in 'Back To The Sea'), Pagan Dating isn't so much a set of songs as a state of being - one in a constant state of booze-fuelled flailing of limbs and slack-jawed grins, where everyone is friends with everyone and the world is the best place ever - a split second before throwing up all over the kid you're crushing on. Then when the point hits, it's like Japandroids after drinking a gallon of cement - weighed down and gargling, but their spirit is indefatigable.

You can buy Pagan Dating here.

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