Thursday 26 September 2013

These Pure Monsters Follow The Dogs Out Of The Swamp

Back in 2010 the excellent and now sadly defunct Leeds label Brew release Call Me Dragon, the debut from freakoids These Monsters, and it was a diabolical mess of an album that absolutely killed me with its audacity, its dirge and its desire to go to the farther regions of sanity. The boys have only gotten looser (of mind and spirit at least - their musicianship continues to tighten the screws). It's been some time since I've heard the Yorkshire trio - they did release a new album, Heroic Dose, in May though which I somehow missed (*self-flagellate*) - and now Too Pure have sated the longing with a 7" of new recordings. The Swamp/The Dogs is a showcase of the band's burgeoning proclivity for stretching their maniacal, cartoonish dalliances with psychosis to breaking point, and beyond. It's like Pulled Apart By Horses got decidedly slower, weirder, and stoned-er. You can pick up the 7" (Thursday must be "Buy Red Vinyl" Day...) here...

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