Sunday 22 September 2013

Warming Your Soda For You

Someone For You, the debut from Warm Soda has been out for a while, but I managed to pick up a reissued vinyl earlier this week (thanks to the ever-excellent Castle Face Records). The Oakland-based four-piece have risen from the smouldering ashes of Bare Wires to have crafted an album of raucous, loose garage rock and pop, their cocks in one hand and their heart in the other. Simple, dumb, sincere, drunken, fun with a capital F-U-N. My favourite is always swinging - today it's 'Waiting For Your Call'. Whatever - it's all the same, all the time. Seriously this record gets better with every listen - and they are already recording a follow up.

You can buy Someone For You here in either white or bubblegum blue vinyl with rainbow spatterings - party time on the turntable!

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