Monday 30 September 2013

Doubly (L)Amped

I'm in Bundaberg this week. Actually, I'm about an hour inland from Bundaberg, but I was on the beach at Bagara yesterday, eating ice cream, drinking alcohols other than rum and generally being awesome, and hitting the sugar cane capital again on Wednesday. That's me hanging out with a giant man made turtle. Go me. But while I'm here why not wax lyrical about a cool band from up here, then tenuously link it to a garage punk band from Southend-on Sea. Why not indeed.

Tabletop Lamps are an unknown quantity really - the trio have this EP out, Heatwave, have played at least one show in Bundaberg that friends of friends said was "awesome" - and that's pretty much it. Yet Heatwave is a bloody good soundbyte - five tracks of undulating, percolating, ambient motorik wooziness. if anyone can steer these dudes in my direction, I'd be muchly appreciated - the more these guys play good shows, the better the world will be.

Now as promised Ill ride this tenuous thread over to the Mother Country and to Drella, the 7" put out recently by Wobbly Lamps (SEE? OH THE CONNECTIONS). A coagulating mess of noise and fevered anxieties, Drella explodes with great disdain on opener 'Never Ever Bloody Anything Ever'; get dirty and sleazy with 'Haxan'; and climax (oh yeah) with 'Gretchin Fetchin', a rad and stormy psych swirl into the tumultuous unknown. Grab Drella here.

Go Bundaberg. Go Southend. Go lamps. Just go.

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