Monday 2 September 2013

Mass Appeal Slides Across The Spectrum

Here is something for the burning the midnight oil. Melbourne dude Lower Spectrum has released his debut LP Little Appeal - and what a sultry slice of nocturnal bliss this is. Encroaching in the alleyways in red-tinged hues, the songs coagulate into susurrating serpents of subtlety, weaving in and out of each other, sometimes offering hushed whispers, sometimes promising sweet nothing, most times beating like a heart murmur, each beat a nanosecond out of time. Disembodied vocals, finger clicks, loops, piano - it's a sonorous amalgam of sleek 90s ambient cruise with something disturbingly Other. Maybe it is the slick yet dark image on the cover, but I felt trapped on Lynch's Lost Highway, but instead of Reznor riding shotgun I had an emaciated and bled out Moby dusted on MDMA and bitter barbs, each streetlight pulsing through the windshield, each guidepost a cat's eye into the great unknown. And the most bizarre trip on Little Appeal is that it feels warm, comforting, comfortable in its own skin - and in yours. Trust me, you will enter Little Appeal with little chance to return - yet nor will you want to.

Buy Little Appeal here.

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