Monday 28 March 2011

Wreck And Reference Wreak Dark Irreverence

Wreck and Reference brought out an excellent cassette earlier this year, simply called the Black Cassette. Ive been meaning to write about this for some time (like so many other bits and pieces that hovers over me at the moment). Anyway, Wreck and Reference proclaim to be from the howling waste of California, and the six slices of doom and gloom on offer here certainly helps to back up their claims. There are elements of Shellac in the dark stylings of these tracks, added to the metronomic rumbles that evokes a darker, more deranged My Disco. This release was recorded directly to tape, which lends itself to the thought that we are hearing the sounds of madmen locked in a bunker somewhere in the sun-scorched desert, away from light, water, nourishment of any kind. I know Ive mentioned the darkness a few times, but there is something invigorating in the outpouring of such unbridled vitriol that I can help but be swayed by the black bile...