Wednesday 9 March 2011

Damn Terran Spitting Pet Hates

I received this EP in the mail last week. I had never heard of Damn Terran, but their EP Pet Hate intrigued me due to the cover art - a take on Sonic Youth's iconic Goo cover, but with Skippy and a zombified Sonny. The EP itself is 7 slices of post punk fury - the three piece eviscerate with their punchy numbers, all squalls, precariousness and inherent vice. Its a great introduction to the band, even if the overall effect of the release is that although the songs blend into each other by the end, these guys would be amazing live - a must see even. Ive only listened the once too, so Im going back to dip into the murky depths right now...

Damn Terran arent coming up to Brisbane any time soon, although they have a few shows in Melbourne including supporting NZ's Die!Die!Die! as they launch their new album - definitely one show to catch.

Damn Terran - Crowd Control
Damn Terran - Rational Economic Man

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