Friday 4 March 2011

Black Lips, Konkerors and Young Adulthood - 3 Clips To See Us Out

Thought we'd finish Friday with some more clips. Its time we got fucking wasted, and these three vids will definitely help aid that - or at least give you tinnitus beforehand.

First up is the most exciting of the bunch for me, as its a brand new track from the hotly anticipated Black Lips album, Arabia Mountain (produced by Mark Ronson - wtf?!?), called 'Go Out And Get It!'. It was filmed whilst the guys played on the amazing-sounding Bruise Cruise (read more about it here), so there's lots of sun, surf and rockers showing off whiter than white skin. Obligatory Vivian Girls sighting and a turfed in the surf guitar also. Ace of base!

[NB - for some reason the clip isnt working on SM - sorry! - so head over to Culture Bully to check this out...]

Next is MYTY KONKEROR, whose i miss the future. LP of last year (out now on vinyl through Twin Lakes Records) was a surprise sleeper hit, scoring high on many end of year lists. Well now one of those great, raw psych tracks, 'Cell Division', has its own video - in all its 50s B-movie drag racing goodness!

Finally we have Young Adults. The Boston trio put out a killer demo, followed by their debut LP Black Hole, last year. They are supporting Titus Andronicus at the end of the month, sweet gig guys! Off that is 'Let Us Out', typical dissonant guitar wailing from these crazy kids. Gets my blood a-pumpin'...

YOUNG ADULTS - "Let Us Out" from YOUNG ADULTS on Vimeo.

Now go out and write yourselves off, my pretties!


  1. some nice stuff on this post! Reading this Monday, wish it was Friday...

  2. Bummer man! Hope you find the strength to pull yourself through!

  3. Lovely. Thanks for sharing it

    ~ Amaira