Thursday 3 March 2011

Sex Beet Cleans Up, Gets Dirty With Spaced Out Human Eye

Scion A/V Garage keep putting out ace 7" splits (check out the Jacuzzi Boys/Nobunny no-brainer here!), and this time off the turntable its a good lil friend of ours - Sex Beet! On the split with Detroit's Human Eye, Sex Beet's 'Alone' is incredibly cleaned up compared to their previous efforts - you can hear the vocals! you can feel the squalling organ! you can smell the blood and spunk! - yet is still as stupidly infectious as ever. Of course Human Eye dont go down in flames either, their 'Martian Queen' takes a skewed Misfits approach to their punk, a nebulous journey that has brought something back with it...

Human Eye - Martian Queen
Sex Beet - Alone

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