Friday 25 March 2011

Police Academy 6 Was The Best Sequel...No? It Is Now.

God there are some cool yet borderline shit band names that reference ace films out there. Back To The Future: The Ride is right up there on the tightrope, as is Police Academy 6. Lucky for them they have pulled out a gem that will push any debate over the moniker aside. 'The Chills', featuring Raw Moans (which I really like as a band name, by the by) steps up from their previous forays into the dreaded chillwave/glo-fi wastelands and offers something much more - well, wholesome. Which is where many of the chillwave acolytes fall down - they dont hold the inherent likeability of the 'pioneers' of the sound - something I think this deliberately tricksy band are trying to capture, which can only be a good thing.

Oh and they did a song with Lester Brown on their EP last year. Lester Brown is one half of Mickey Brown, the project paried with resident SM fave and sonic weirdo Mickey Mickey Rourke, so that tips the boat then.

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