Thursday 3 March 2011

Get Clean - Get Down That Diamond Mine

I came to The Clean from rather auspicious influences. My sister's ex - a complete douche - nevertheless had some pretty damn fine musical tastes, and amongst others (Superchunk, The Pastels) he introduced me to the entire discography of the NZ pop stalwarts. What's even better than that though is just how great the guys from the Clean are - they are

So Im doubly excited, for guitarist David Kilgour is releasing Left By Soft with his band The Heavy Eights, as well as The Clean doing a tour of Australia. Now seeing The Clean has me cautiously optimistic - my sister (yep, her again) saw them at Primavera and thought they were a little boring - but I think that a balmy March night at The Zoo, supported by Brisbane lo-fi lurkers Blank Realm and The Deadnotes + The Legend!, will be perfect for the band's quirky yet simplistic rock to sparkle and shine. If you have heard the term "the Flying Nun sound" - well, The Clean IS that sound. Get your tix for the March 10 show here.

And Im a littled disappointed that Kilgour isnt touring his new album - yet - as Left By Soft is a little gem. Still, it doesnt come out in physical form til mid April, so there will be time. Here's the tracklist:

1. Left By Soft
2. Way Down Here
3. A Break in the Weather
4. Steel Arrow
5. Pop Song
6. Autumn Sun
7. Theme
8. Diamond Mine
9. I'll Walk Back Up That Hill
10. Could Be On My Way
11. Purple Balloon

And the single:

David Kilgour And The Crazy Eights - Diamond Mine

AND some vintage Clean:

The Clean - Tally Ho

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