Sunday 23 August 2015

A Parallel Woodsman's Mind Is Better Than Most

I've had my ears blast six ways from Sunday this weekend with the brutal Wyrdout Fest roster up in Dalston. And now that it is Sunday - I still have someway to go with Helms Alee finishing the whole thing off tonight at Birthdays. So I need something to find my equilibrium - and here it is. SM faves Woodsman have been prolific at writing songs for the studio that end up not making the "feel" they want for the finished record (their Teleseparation EP after they released Woodsman in 2013 is a perfect case in point). Here is another offcut - and 'Parallel Minds (Reprise)' is yet another example that their mesmeric castoffs are better than most bands' A-game. An undulating euphoric dream, the instrumental is the perfect dream-zone cocoon I need to ensconce myself in, to recuperate and to recover to face another day. Woodsman have just repressed their self-titled record should have their fourth record ready for the New Year, cannot wait!

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