Saturday 15 August 2015

Lost In Loobs

Melbourne trio Loobs are preparing to launch their second EP (Loobs 2, doncha know) and it's a good'un. Taking the dissonant legs-splayed post-punk approach and throwing it to the ground in abject disgust, these four tracks machete their own path through the sonic jungle, a sweat soaked fever dream of anguish and despair. The chanted vocals and spidery, spiralling guitar is reminiscent of bands like Women and Sonic Youth, albeit more stripped back and ramshackle, but when things cascade into shards of noise, it's a sight/sound to behold. And the narcoleptic closer 'Pingu', whilst not my favourite track on the EP (that's split between 'Dysentery' and 'Great Wall Of China') the marked change of pace and weight of desperation with promises of hope in the last lyrics, despite the trainwrecks (I feel the closest I ever have), shows Loobs are onto something special here. Buy Loobs 2 here.

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