Monday 17 August 2015

Grieg Retaliates Ferociously

Grieg are a newish band in Brisbane with some serious pedigree. John plays in Dick Nasty and Undead Apes; Alex plays in No Anchor and is involved in brilliant project A Savage God; and Tamara is from gargantuan party-starters/killers HITS. Their debut LP Retaliate First combines all the brutal elements from these backgrounds, presenting a triple-pronged assault on the senses. There is the acidic humour and hubris in the lyrics; the black riffs of 80s metal at its highest ebb; and thundering, deliberate drumming that controls as it pummels. The jacket once again emblazoned with Gillies' brilliant artwork, this is a record that is nests in your brain, with more to unlock with each listen, a hook to savour, a line to chuckle or cheer for, a break that halts the breath. Bring on the noise.

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