Wednesday 12 August 2015

Haunted By The Sandwitches

Not an intentional run on from the food-obsessed holiday I've just had - but I am a little obsessed with Our Toast, the new record from San Francisco's The Sandwitches that came out a couple months ago. What's added to the obsession is that the trio appear to be splitting up after this. The way they shuffle along, blues imbued with bruises and steely-eyed determination underscoring the elegance, is captivating. There is a nervous energy here also, possibly due to the knowledge that the band are going their separate ways. It's beautiful, elegiac, wistful, effervescent - all the best parts of the Sandwitches' wild brew brought into sparkling focus.

The Sandwitches will be 'launching' the record in the US this month, then that is pretty much it. They will be selling a 7" as well, strangely called You Only Get What You Want, Baby (preorders through Southpaw Records here) - and if that were the case, the girls would be sticking around for some time yet. Nevertheless, if you are lucky enough to get to one of these shows, shed a tear for me.

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