Friday 21 August 2015

Taipan Tiger Girls

Here is some heavyweight weirdnik noise outta Melbourne to see off the week. Taipan Tiger Girls have just released their album 1 on it Records (check it out here - there are only 100 vinyl copies made, and at least 30 sold, so search the web to hunt down these elusive gems), and it is mind-melting/blowing. 'Ritual' is an 11 minute krautrock mantra swirling in incremental metallic drag that picks up the tempo into a tribal slam, grinds out into a heady noise fever and coalesces infinitesimally into the ether. The rest of the tracks are splintered tangents off this amorphous statement of intent - the spidery percussion and fever-dream synth on 'Spiral' mesmerises; 'Ascending' squalls its way out of the sonic womb, mewling in a psychotropic industrial nightmare; 'Motion' propels headlong into the apocalyptic wastes, a car chase of wanton and inevitable destruction. 'Imprint' sends us off with pitch-shifting altered states, no longer aware of a line between fantasy and reality, euphoria and tinnitus. Brilliant.

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