Saturday 15 August 2015

Nest Your Eggs In The Heart Of The Sun

I was first drawn to Nest Egg's new album Respectable by the album cover. Actually it was the fact that it was being pushed by Bathetic Records - that always drags me into at least a cursory listen - but the image of two women with guns, one pointing hers at the back of the more elderly one, in a clearing in an autumnal forest, really got me. Like a haunting Midwestern noir, Coens go Asheville.

The album itself? Its a brooding, atmospheric outlier record, built on motorik headstones and fog between the headstones, headlights in the witching hour, rhythmic marches, arrhythmic ideas, squalling spaces, slackjawed faces. The kind of relentless psych dirge that is limber rather than lumbering along into the netherworld, dancing inexorably closer to the black hole of infinity, one finger crooked in welcome, in seduction, in damnation. Fever dreams exist - 'Blues Lawyer' fidgets like a sleek car slipping along the midnight express, the overhead fluorescents pulsing like a techno strobe, igniting synapses in the brain, eliciting responses while suppressing control. 'untitleder' is experimental, experiential, a electrocution sped up beyond speed, beyond light, a propulsive feeling beyond the body, the self.

Nest Egg have me cooked.

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