Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Relaxed Policing with the LAPD

(Post by Fred Savage Beasts)

You know those times in the morning when you take the time to let the day come to you before getting up? That’s what this Los Angeles Police Department record is like. It’s the looking out through a window as clouds pass by taking no heed of anything you have planned. And you feel insignificant but in a good way; insignificant but nimble.

The tracks blow in and blow out leaving piles of leaves arranged in ways that look sort of like faces until they get moved on. There’s a kind of haze covering the whole thing, but it’s less like something blocking your vision than something tinting it with an ever so slight nostalgia. This might just be your new soundtrack for the train to work. It’ll get you thinking how nice it is to be up and alive to see the clouds (and whatever it is coming through them).

Out now through Forged Artifacts.

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