Wednesday 30 January 2013

A Godly Triptych

Carrying on with the wordly connections, Im linking three acts that all aspire to connect with God (well, have God in their name somewhere...)

First up is another MUZAI alumni and SM faves God Bows To Math. Now whilst a new album is a little while off, on the cusp of New Years' the dissonant trio dropped a single, a barbed taste of things to come. 'The Only Good Fnord Is A Dead Fnord' is as strong a nihilistic diatribe driven by wanton bursts of noise as anything the boys have put to tape, which only heightens the expectations for whatever releases are in store throughout 2013 - and seeing as they have ten releases on various formats and guises over the past three years, there could be a few.

God Bows To Math - The Only Good Fnord Is A Dead Fnord

Another SM-endorsed label, UK's Gravy Records, is preparing to release (along with Distorted Tapes) Wolverhampton trio God Damn's I'm A Lazer, You're A Radar single. Its abrasive, silly, raucous, and fully of grungey hooks and hairy brethren. Expect much in the way of sweat, maniacal grins and tinnitus.

And back to Brisbane with Extrafoxx. Now I haven't mentioned Conwae Burrell's home recorded output much, yet this crackedc guitar pop has provided some great live experiences for me over the past couple of years, so when Love Is God came out last month it was something that I needed to have in my life. Ten lo-fi reflections on a lysergic, drunken Queensland existence, Love Is God is imbued with hooks and melodies that belie the laidback nature with which they are delivered. Well worth the visit.

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