Thursday 19 April 2012

This Waskerley Way Is More Haunted Than Before...

I have been a fan of UK native Waskerley Way since his bedroom project took flight back in the early days of Sonic Masala. His lo-fi mantras and mesmeric noisescapes have always intrigued, and in the case of 'Wind Shear', truly excelled. Now we have a longplayer in our midst, Haunted Tors.

It was not what I was expecting.

And whilst tracks like 'Deadquarters' follows in some of the lo-fi sonic plateaus that WW has traversed in the past, I was shocked when the opening one-two salvo of the title track and 'Sista' - these songs are heavy! There is some crazy shit going on here. 'Sista' in particular reminds me of the much missed Aussie band Snowman in its sonorous vocals married to some toxic noise and off-kilter synth, yet the noise itself when it kicks in is in a quieter corner of Fuck Buttons territory. There is a conceptual theme running throughout the album that pertains to resisting tyrannical governments and honouring family and friends. The lyrics evoke as much - if you can make them out, they are heavily distorted and thrown in the mix. It's all very medieval/fantasy with a darker edge, therefore the lyrics are quite interesting, and it would be a shame that they remain obscure if the music wasn't so great as is.

Waskerley Way (AKA Michael Bridgewater) calls himself a composer and a sonic miscreant. Beforehand, on such works as Energy Legs and Waterfall, I would have said that he still had the training wheels; with La Magie Rouge, a formula had been realised; with 'Wind Shear', some lightning in a bottle. Haunted Tors is the amalgamation of all these teething sessions, and sees a noisenik in full flight. Long may he soar (and no offence, but WW are something other than Washed Out entirely. I read that somewhere. It made me laugh).

Waskerley Way is playing a show in May well worth checking out if you are UK bound:

Saturday 12 May at The Victoria, Mile End, London with Way Through (Upset The Rhythm)

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