Thursday 5 April 2012

Burying Strangers, Claiming Victory

Exciting news week, methinks! First up today is the news that A Place To Bury Strangers are set to release their new LP, Victory, June 11 through Dead Oceans. It will be their first album with new bassist Dion (last seen in The D4), and shows a shift in sonic dexterity that will surely divide fans, but I think it opens up a plethora of opportunities The new single is 'You Are The One', and it starts off moody and jangling, down a sleek monochrome hallway before exploding in your face, the closest you can get to a 4D aural experience. Seriously, get some wicked headphones and plug into this, see if it doesn't forge itself onto your eardrums.

A Place To Bury Strangers - You Are The One

I mentioned a while back that APTBS phoenixed out of the death of a band called Skywave, and the other band to do the same was Ceremony (not Rohnert Park and Zoo Ceremony - these guys have nary a hardcore bone in their bods). The similarities are rife. Well, there is obviously no bad blood between them, as they have this ltd edition 7" split with each other! Out on Famous Class Records, expect this to fly out the window, so buy it here.

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  1. Anonymous5/4/12 09:46

    Thanks Brendon :) This is the best place to keep up with awesome music while I travel. I would have missed this release otherwise, just ordered a copy as a fan of both bands and Skywave too.

    looking forward to the review of GBtM and well done for hosting them, they are awesome live.