Friday 20 April 2012

Screaming Tree Out, Depeche Mode In - All Soulsavers

I thought I'd make a quick mention of this record The Light The Dead See, the newie by Soulsavers. See, it is very Soulsavers - very lush, maudlin, occasional flashes of dark menace - yet it isn't entirely my cup of tea. It isn't bad at all - I even really like some of the tracks - and I do like me a bit of Depeche Mode - but I can't get past the crooning of Gahan because IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE MARK LANEGAN! I know that he was a collaborator in the last two records, but he MADE those records (well, when you have Oldham/Goodwim/Patton/Pierce/Haynes as back-ups, that really adds impetus to a meteoric sound...). So the reason I'm writing this post, is to set you up. It comes out May 22 on Mute, so you have enough time to divorce yourself from the idea that it will be like Mark Lanegan's Soulsavers. This is a different beast altogether. Seeing as Gahan has struggled through so much torment and injury recently, it's a tour de force. BUT IT AIN'T LANEGAN.

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