Monday 9 April 2012

A Demon Beat And Elephant Child Split Is Funny/Not Funny

The fine folks over at Funny/Not Funny Records have sent me a swathe of releases in the past months, and I haven't gotten to them - yes, I suck, seriously! So I aim to rectify that, and the first cab off that rank is this beauty of a split between Virginian brothers-in-arms The Demon Beat and Elephant Child.

The Demon Beat dominate the split with two raucous, ball tearing tracks that take to task every other poseur that claims to be "garage". Not saying the trio are shitting on everyone else's parade, just that they threw a cluster bomb underneath the leading float and wallowed in the aftermath. Not saying they are psychopaths either - but they are pretty killer...

The Demon Beat - Teenage Wasteland

But don't hold off from breathing in Elephant Child's heaving pile of excrement either - it's fresh, fertile and ready to drown you in its sloppy warmth. I was hoping that this was a legitimate sequel to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers' 'Under The Bridge', something akin to Metallica's 'The Unforgiven II'. What an amazing song that turned out to be... Alas, instead we just have a killer tune that stands on its own two feet, no Kiedis holding its hand whilst freebasing in Frusciante's garage, no Chad Smith aping Will Ferrell, no trousers-made-out-of-plush-toys Flea. These boys like to party, plain and simple. And if it happens to be under the bridge where I drew some blood, it isn't their fault if I can't get enough - is it?

Elephant Child - Under The Bridge pt 2

Grab the split here.

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