Wednesday 30 March 2016

Arrive Alive With Wireheads

I didn't speak enough about Big Issues, the second album from Adelaide's crazy kids Wireheads. Out through Tenth Court, it was an album of rough and ready, vital disheveled rock, somehow devoid of the trappings of place and space (Adelaide can do that to you, for good and bad). It is mostly sold out though - Tenth Court have no more, I have a couple floating round my house, and the rest are in record stores both around Australia and London. Find it!

Well we don't have to wait much longer for a new album - their third winner Arrive Alive is out soon. 'Arrive Alive' is the perfect wonked guitar grind, a psych sidewinder that wings its way from the Bight into your mind, preaching safety and survival and the futility of fate while emanating narcotic debauchery. The film clip is excellently at odds with the music also, yet somehow in tune - the band play and play around in a quarry, swinging baseball bats in the air, sitting next to landfill, driving diggers and watching planes fly over electric pylons, guitar solos in the middle of the road, sculling from orange juice bottles... In short, it's brilliant. The line about the people on the plains behind the Great Dividing Range being pretty strange anyway? That's where I am from, and I can attest to how true a statement that is. Arrive Alive promises to be up there with the best records of the year.

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