Monday 7 March 2016

PREMIERE - Andrew Tuttle 'Activation'

Inimitable outlier label Room40 had a stellar 2015, celebrating 15 years in the biz with releases and reissues by the likes of Tim Hecker, Norman Westberg and Lawrence English, as well as shows featuring English, Jim O'Rourke, William Basinski and Grouper among many others. They have now dusted off their avant-garde imprint Someone Good, and first cab off the rank is Brisbane ambiance wunderkind (and rabid cricket and Eurovision fan) Andrew Tuttle with Fantasy League, his second "solo" record after shirking his decade long moniker Anonymeye a couple years ago. He has worked with the likes of Matmos, Dan Deacon, Mike Cooper and English in the past, and his recent support track record (

Tuttle continues to extend the notion of creating a bathysphere in manipulated electronica, floating in sonic amniotic fluids, gently oscillating, expanding, a kaleidoscopic changeling, emotions coalescing and morphing at languid increments, the pastel colours breathing, sparks showering down in high-definition slow motion. Fantasy League aims to capture the listener in a phantasmagoria that calms and enraptures, beguiles and bewitches.

Fantasy League is launched next week - you can pre-order it here. Below is an exclusive stream of aural euphoria 'Activation'. Make me a lifelong member, Tutts. Sonic Masala is proud to be hosting Tuttle at the esteemed Cafe OTO Wednesday April 27, support coming from Chris Rainier and Lisa Busby - get tickets here.

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