Saturday 5 March 2016

Logical Dreamlike Explosions In The Wilderness

Today is miserable in old London town, so I thought I would double down on two masterful acts releasing new records in anticipation of new albums this year. First up is Texan gods Explosions In The Sky. They have already released a feverish first track in 'Disintegration Anxiety' which hinted at a change of pace. 'Logic Of A Dream' is more EITS in its anthemic majesty, although there is a sonorous wash that bleeds into a Beatles-esque orchestral spiral and fluttering militaristic drums to the first third of the track here that certainly continues this push into weirder territory. And also continuing with their film clips being subtly changing photographs - how change bleeds incrementally yet irrefutably forth. Both tracks feature on the band's forthcoming album The Wilderness (pre-order here - you can get your own mug or slipmat too if you want!) and their Euro tour, where they play the Royal Albert Hall April 25. Yeeeeeeeeeees.

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