Tuesday 8 March 2016

DB @ The Coral Casino

Here is a supergroup worth losing your shit over.  Fearless guitarist John Dieterich (of Deerhoof) and drumming octopi Jeremy Barnes (of Neutral Milk Hotel and A Hawk And A Hacksaw - which he is reviving, by the way!) have joined diabolical forces to release The Coral Casino - an artistic attempt to discover each other's workings and aesthetics through stripping all but rhythm away. Basically - an experiment in finding ways to interpret the other without paying attention to what was happening with the other person - an exercise in intuition, injected with pop nous and kinetic trepidation. What is it like? Try 'Out And About', devoted to Philae, the first satellite to connect itself to a comet - a rhythmic cataclysm, exploding in the Hadron Collider of metronomes, glockenspiels and organ hiccups. If this doesn't get you ready to face the day, nothing will.

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  1. Anonymous8/3/16 16:43

    Dieterich plays guitar, Barnes plays drums!