Wednesday 30 March 2016

Glued To Bad Girl Sweat

Tonight I have the next Sonic Masala: London showcase, featuring batshit noiseniks Shitwife and livewire units Nitkowski. It is also featuring a London appearance from Girl Sweat, a one-man psych dirge. He is releasing his next album, Bad Happenings, on excellent label Box Records (Blown Out, Richard Dawson, a few others you will hear about shortly...), and if 'Human Glue' is anything to go by, it is going to be massive. Imagine linking a lapsteel guitar through a wood chipper and cement mixer, then strapping it to a post-apocalyptic scarecrow preacher from a dead motor city howling at the moon. That's 'Human Glue'. That's Girl Sweat. That's Bad Happenings. Pre-order here, and come to The Victoria tonight to see the man purge in the flesh.

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