Thursday 10 March 2016

Holy Fuck, Congrats Tom Tom!

The first time I saw Holy Fuck was at ATP curated by The Breeders. As we were watching them, Kim Deal seemed to part the crowd, and I got to talk to her, if only for a brief moment (to ask her about solo stuff, and Kellie's knitting circle - hot button topics). I raced into the thick of the Canadian band's set and lost my shit. I don't remember many gigs since where I have legitimately danced myself to a sweaty, quivering mess without the aid of a "higher power". (Joints and booze don't count, of course). LP is still a record I listen to incessantly. When I go to the gym (stop laughing) it is right there, pulsing through my head. But can you believe it's been SIX YEARS since their last records, Latin? You don't have to worry though - 'Tom Tom', the new track from the forthcoming Congrats (out through Innovative Leisure), is a little different - the vocals are prominent, if distorted as hell, and the incessant rhythms, while still definitely there, are plodding and futurist militaristic in their insistence. It's barbed with hooks, as per the Holy Fuck way, and promises to stick to my brain like a burr. Can't wait til May to hear Congrats in full!

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