Wednesday 6 November 2013

Peaking through double-vision

There is something here amongst all this squelch. Once when I was having a bad time I listened to a lot of Roy Orbinson, BRMC and The Smiths. 'Well done, great creative choices, you really went out on a limb there, didn't you?' I hear you say... Well, fuck you, I didn't have time to go searching far and wide while I was balling my eyes out wondering why nobody thought about me before they went off and did what they did. But, man, I wish I had've had this then. At least then I would have been able to carry off besieged Romeo with a little more aplomb.

Peak Twins new self-titled album oozes cool - slowly. It comes from a big empty room next door where there are people who have 'been there too, man'. They just handled it way better than you did.

You can nuzzle up to your very own copy here. Out now through the infallible Bedroom Suck.

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  1. Anonymous6/11/13 14:53

    Another version, this is where I first heard the track.