Friday 1 November 2013

Video Vacuum - Yes I'm Leaving, Surf City, The Fauns, Batpiss (NSFW)

I wanted to do a thousand different posts today - and I started about twelve - but standing on top of Brian Chippendale's drumkit with lots of Coopers Pale Ale but no earplugs as he loses his mind for an hour as meant my attention span is minuscule. My brain has been burnt to a crisp! I did get to speak to him about the band Human Beast before the show, and something afterwards but I could barely hear the Fugazi/Fu Manchu playlist that was booming over the PA...So let's watch some videos!

Yes I'm Leaving are pushing their excellent record of this year Mission Bulb into the States thanks to Drunken Piano, and this has seen their newest video for album track 'Four Chorder,' a threadbare set letting the trio tear the place apart, hit the Spin website. Nice work guys! Helps that the song is a ball tearer worthy of so much more. This album is still killing at the business end of 2013 - a sure-fire sense of electric these boys are. And they are re-issuing their first couple of criminally under-heard releases too. Expect for the Sydney band's cred to rise - and for Billy and the boys to not even notice nor care (OK, just a little...)

NZ garage/surf/pop/raconteurs Surf City are another band that surreptitiously keep kicking goals. On latest single from album We Knew It Was Not Going To Be Like This, 'NYC' (which feels like a mixture of sunnier Sonic Youth, Women and seminal Aussie band Underground Lovers), the band are running around having a reckless time with skateboards, ice-cream cones and stolen fast food and booze (popped open with a Bic lighter, of course) in what is a subversion to these guys' true demeanour - but also makes you want to just have one mid-summer day in their shows. This song is a dream, and fast approaching one of my favourite tracks of the year.

The Fauns - Seven Hours from Mintonfilm on Vimeo.

Bristol dreamers The Fauns are preparing to launch second album Lights on Invada Records in December. The first taste is 'Seven Hours', a five-minute stretch in a cryogenic tank, ambiance pumped through the speakers, time stretching immeasurably (except for the fact I just said it went for five minutes...), the sun neither rising nor setting, forever caught on the horizon. Such wistful meanderings are in bountiful supply this day and age, and yet when The Fauns hit their stride it elevates them to another celestial plain. I'm looking forward to listening to Lights as I travel the English countryside this December...

Look, to be honest this is the video I think everyone should see. I wanted to put it into a post all on its own, but chickened out. Why? Well, by nestling it here behind three other bands my mother may not find it. The vid is of course Batpiss' 'Loose Screws', a short film about a supermarket trolley-pusher that is pushed over the edge and lets everything out, one skewered screwdriver at a time... It's incredibly NSFW, what with all the blood, shivving, garroting and infanticide (it may be Thomy's face, but that is still a baby being stabbed), before a awesome twist that turns into the bloodiest male-on-male heavy petting I've ever seen. Fucking Batpiss, man - gotta love em.


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