Thursday 14 November 2013

Crying Chips Never Gets Old

I'm in the process of making an 8-bit oriented mega post (any suggestions of great chiptune albums of 2013, throw us a line), and it has all come about because of 'Bodega Run', the third track from NY trio Crying's EP Get Olde. This is saccharine noise pop run rampant, but with the Game Boy twist - and holy shit is it awesome. When that mosquito-like whine kicks off the album, it could be a stab in the ear, but as soon as the guitars and drums kick in, and Elaiza Santos' vocals float effortlessly into the mix (This band is boring me...), and it all makes seven levels of sense. The chiptune effects are more prevalent on other tracks, such as the miasma of blips and squelches that infuse minute-shy intro 'Open' or the RPG-sweet 'Vacation', but nothing can beat the innate joy that bursts forth from 'Bodega Run'. Get Olde is the kind of upbeat lightweight sugar-punk shtick that I don't get into very often, but that Game boy aesthetic here lends everything a new lease on life (especially as it is this element that above everything else feels intuitive; the natural instruments are tight, yet perfunctory in function - it feels harsh seeing as 2/3 of the band are from the great LVL UP, but there you have it).

Seriously though, Get Olde is worth getting just for 'Bodega Run'. Out through Double Double Whammy - give me some of them dank Doritos and jalapeno Cheeto-ooo-ooos...

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  1. actually only nick, the drummer, is a member of LVL UP